Margaret Tabb’s Nine Can’t Miss Questions For Year-End Tax Planning

With the Thanksgiving leftovers mostly consumed by this point, we are turning our eyes to year-end matters.

And this year, there are LOTS of things to consider as we approach 12-31-18.

Because yes — the standard deduction this year has been significantly increased, and it might make sense for you to take that.

Or, it might not.

There are so many factors to consider in this “new” tax code, that it can be a little overwhelming. In fact, I know that there are plenty of tax pros and taxpayers in Baltimore Metropolitan Area who will opt for the “simplest” solution and just take that standard deduction. In some cases, that’s smart, and offers true savings.

But it’s not always wisest to go the simplest route.

Which is why it might make sense for us to have a chat. In fact, there may be a few moves we can make that can make a big difference — even in this next month — before we’re forced into “reaction mode”, which is the only mode in which after-the-fact tax work can be done.

So, if at all possible, I’d like to figure out if there are things we can do NOW to prepare 
by having you answer a few short questions for me…

This isn’t our “official” tax preparation questionnaire, it’s simply designed to help us figure out if we can do something before year-end to make a real difference … before we can’t anymore. To send me your answers please click the email button at the top of the page.


1) Have you had a significant change in your wage income this year?

<Put YOUR answer here in your email reply>

2) Have you taken capital gains or losses this year? Are you planning to?

<Put YOUR answer here in your email reply>

3) Did you start or sell a business this year?

BONUS QUESTION: Do you know anyone who did, that would like input on their tax situation?

<Put YOUR answer here in your email reply>

4) Did you purchase real estate?

<Put YOUR answer here in your email reply>

5) Did you make your full contributions to retirement accounts?

<Put YOUR answer here in your email reply>

6) Have you considered a Roth IRA?

<Put YOUR answer here in your email reply>

7) Did you withdraw from retirement accounts, and for what purpose?

<Put YOUR answer here in your email reply>

**8) Have you sent your family and friends our way — and, if not, is there a way we can help to make this easier?

<Put YOUR answer here in your email reply>

9) Are there any other tax or financial (or other) issues you think we should know about?

<Put YOUR answer here in your email reply>


Now — your answers to these questions form the “tip of the iceberg”, and they will help us to know which direction to take as we work with you over the next two months to prepare for year-end tax planning. With your permission, we’ll contact you back, once you email us your answers, as appropriate, and set up a time to discuss them further with you, whether by phone or other method.

Hope to see you in here soon…


Margaret Tabb

(443) 471-1212

Professional Accounting Center, Inc.

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